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JAY Modular Support

JAY Modular Support

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Indicated in patients with severe deformities trunk

- Aluminium adjustable height, angle and depth
- Backrest reclines up to 49 degrees to accommodate deviations column kyphotic deformities
- Foam side protectors
- Standard foam interior padding for protection vertebral or internal padding with removable bins to accommodate bumps, gibosidades ... etc
- Cover breathable

Clinical indications:
- Indicated in patientsspecial positioning needs
- Ideally large deviations indicated in column type scoliosis and / or kyphoscoliosis


Aluminum housing

Adjustable aluminum housing height, depth and angle. Recliner up to 49 º to accommodate deviations from hip and kyphotic deformities. Universal anchors for easy installation

Relleno interior  de espuma standard o con cubos

Standard foam interior padding or cubes

The interior is standard foam block 1 piece with fluid column spinal protection. The interior with buckets consists of a foam of 1.25 cm, lightweight and waterproof, with blocks of 5 to 1.25 cm deep removable to accommodate Kyphotic or gibosidades bumps and fluid bag to reduce pressure

Technical Specifications
Width:35-50 cm (to see size availability, see the order form)
Height:38.5 to 44 cm (to see size availability, see the order form)
Type of cover:Breathable
Max user:113 kg

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