Zip Backup Jay Designed to suit the user's specific needs pediatric

Respaldo Jay para niños

Zip Backup Jay

Back ultra-lightweight, specially designed to fit the anatomy and need support and user comfort pediatric

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Zip Backup Jay

Designed to fit specific user needs pediatric

Back ultra-lightweight, specially designed to fit the anatomy and need support and pediatric user comfort. Zip Jay is very easy to install and remove and enables a wide variety of settings to optimize the positioning and alignment of the child column. It is available in 4 different heights and incorporates the most innovative technologies in the covers: X-static ™ and Aquaguard ™.

Diseñado especialmente para niños

Designed especially for children

Back light composed of a soft polyurethane foam increases comfort. With 4 contours, from 2.5 to 6.3 cm. Adjustable angle -20 ° to +20 °, to 7.5 cm in depth and 2.5 cm in width. With positioning accessories available as harnesses, headrests, spinal alignment wedges ... and fixed or folding side supports. And based on choice of pink or blue.

Fácil de instalar y de retirar

Easy to install and remove

Jay Zip installed and removed very easily thanks to its innovative anchoring system that allows virtually withdraws support with one hand. Besides these anchors are ultra-lightweight, and compatible with a variety of tube diameters. Thanks to this system of anchors, the backrest can be adjusted in depth 7.5 cm, at an angle from -20 ° to +20 ° in width and 2.5 cm in height

  Tecnología X-Static : máxima protección anti-bacterias

X-Static Technology: maximum anti-bacterial protection

Outer sheath with silver filaments embedded in the fabric to inhibit bacterial growth. With an extra layer microclimate 3DX ™ material that provides ventilation and dissipates heat and moisture. The cover can also be machine washed and is fast drying.

Funda interior anti-humedad, muy fácil de limpiar

Inside cover anti-moisture, easy to clean

Composition Lycra and polyurethane that creates a moisture barrier. Aquaguard ™ Technology and special stitchingzipper in protecting the liquid foam backing prolonging life.

Technical Specifications
Outline:2.5 / 3.8 / 5 / 6.3 cm
Width:20/25/30/35 cm
Height:15/20/25/30 cm
Type of cover:Damp Inside coverand anti-microbial outer sheath and microclimatic
Max user:75 kg

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Back Width
20 cms
25 cm
35 cms
30 cms
Back Height
20 cms
30 cms
15 cm
25 cm
Contour Back
5 cm
6.3 cms