The vice president of the Health Advisory Board received the distinction "Friend of Disability"

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The vice president of the Health Advisory Board of the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality, Julio Sánchez Fierro, yesterday received the distinction "Friend of disability" CERMI in recognition of his experience and background in social care, and for his work for people with disabilities and dependency status.

The event was attended by the Minister of Health, Social Services and Equality, Ana Mato, the Minister of Development, Ana Pastor, the director general of Policy Disability Support, Ignacio Tremiño, the president ofCERMILuis Cayo Pérez Well, CERMI general secretary, Alberto Duran, and different personalities of associations, political and social.

CERMI recognized with this distinction Julio Sanchez Fierro for their experience and track record in social care, and his work on behalf of people with disabilities in situations of dependency. This was transmitted CERMI president referring to this distinction led to Julio Sanchez Fierro "two key words" which are "friend and gratitude" who unites them "an intense, dense and smooth."

In this respect, said the convergence of disability organized through CERMI, with the honoree started from the beginning of his career as technical secretary general of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, at the stage of Javier Arenas, and recalled how CERMI was created one year after the first government of the Popular Party.

He also referred to the "large" contributions of this term in the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, as I Employment Plan for People with Disabilities, "was worthy of it", or important decisions in the field of European policies in this matter. Regarding his political responsibility as undersecretary of the Ministry of Health, CERMI president referred to the signing of the first framework agreement between disability and the Ministry, which, he said, "were very innovative contributions, now continue as natural elements ".

"In July we consider a calm person, who, before the conflict, is capable of solving them and always finds a solution and a way out that can extend the rights and welfare of people with disabilities and their families," said Perez Good to refer to the social movement's relationship with Julio Sanchez disability Fierro during various stages in the RFP.

The lawyer Julio Sanchez Fierro said, from his "profound" gratitude for this recognition that being a friend of disability "committed to much" and that, even if you have difficult times, has had two driving factors 'core' such as the CERMI, for her role as interlocutor, "that has not only concerns emerge, but provide solutions "and PP authorities for their support and urge to get ahead these policies.


For his part, Minister of Health, Social Services and Equality, Ana Mato, also praised Sanchez Fierro figure in the struggle for rights and their participation in all losámbitos of people with disabilities. So, acknowledged his role as "impulse drive" to help the disabled and their contribution to breaking down barriers, "laying the foundation for genuine equality of opportunity," he said.

In this line, the paper cited "fundamental" to consolidate support for claims "as important" as socially protected heritage, universal accessibility, education and training of people with disabilities, sign language protection or Braille on packaging of medicines.

He also announced that by the end of the year will come to light of the Disability Act, that in the coming weeks to approve the new Plan of Action of the Spanish Strategy on Disability, and themomentum on a new Law on Legal Capacity.

Finally, the Minister of Development, Ana Pastor, said the award as the "most deserving" and "do justice" because, for her, "is the reward for loyalty, and the ability to work in favor of disability ". He stated, among its qualities, the "most important" is that holds a "great" knowledge of the disability sector, its legislative history and the history of the rights of persons with disabilities and their recognition in other parts of the world.

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