The Ministry of Health last orthoprosthetic product registration

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The Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality has already prepared the draft Ministerial Order

The document, seen by the newspaper, aims to collect and classify information on products marketed as a prelude to the development of a common catalog of providing additional orthoprosthetic and maximum amounts of funding.

Medical Writing the order also states that consultation must still go the Medical College (WTO), The General Council of Official Colleges of Pharmacists (CGCOF), the management of technology and medical devices (Fenin) and patient associations, among others.

According to Health in your project justifies the rule "will have a positive health impact, since it is a necessary step for orthoprosthetic delivery is provided to users of the National Health System in conditions of greater uniformity and transparency in the whole, improving consequently health care and quality of life for those who need that service. "

Registration will be managed by the General Services Basic Portfolio National Health System and the Cohesion Fund, while communication products to the Register will be made directly by the companies through the electronic office of the Ministry. The classification established by the Cabinet includes paragraphs Ana Mato wheelchair, external prosthetics, orthotics and special orthoprosthesis.

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