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Helix 3D hip joint

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Helix hip prosthesis adapts to walk at different speeds

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Helix 3D

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Helix 3D hip joint

Helix 3D hip joint

Helix hip prosthesis adapts to walk at different speeds

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The patented structure of Helix 3D multiaxial joint translates into a three-dimensional hip movement, thus compensating for the natural rotation of the pelvis. The result is a pattern of symmetrical and natural gait. You get a sufficient bending and is able to sit comfortably, as the pelvic tilt is reduced to a minimum.

An original combination of springs and hydraulic system allows swing phase to start more easily. You can use the stored energy in the support phase to initiate the swing phase. This compensates the missing muscles of the hip, allowing him to walk with less effort. The movement to support the foot in the stance phase is damped and controls, and the hip joint extends harmoniously. As a result, it is possible to bend the plant controllably prosthetic foot and fluid being subjected to a full load. The combination of hydraulics and springs also allows you to adjust the length of the steps in a personalized way, being able to control the pendulum motion in swing phase.

Length custom step

Silvio orthopedics can consider and adapt itself normal length of their steps foreshadowing the hydraulic unit.
Helix adapts to walk at different speeds

Walking at various speeds

Do you carry a hurry or are taking a leisurely stroll? You determinespeed, and the hip joint Helix3D adapts.
The Helix system offers a wide angle of bending for any occasion

Wide angle bending

A wide angle bending provides relief in many everyday situations such as sitting, putting on shoes or getting into a vehicle. The joint does not protrude below the pelvic socket while sitting, favoring a comfortable position.

Walk more naturally relieving the healthy side

To start hip flexion to take the next step, the amputees with prosthetic hip joint need to raise much conventional prosthetic leg lifting the heel of the healthy side, tilting the pelvis in an unnatural way. Both aspects can greatly reduce the system Helix 3D hip joint.

Harmonious pattern march

The unique hydraulic control system hip extension protects the locomotor impacts. The pattern of movements is much more physiological, saving energy and resulting in a very natural gait pattern. This also relieves the back and joints, and prevent further problems.

Down stairs alternating steps

For a harmonized prosthetic adaptation in terms of safety, functionality and comfort, Ottobock only authorizes the combination of 3D Helix with knee jointsmicroprocessor-controlled C-Leg or Genium. This even allows you to master stairs and other small obstacles. You get safety and dynamism.

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Helix 3D hip joint

Helix 3D hip joint

Helix hip prosthesis adapts to walk at different speeds

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