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Prosthetic lower limb or lower limb prosthesis. In human anatomy, the lower limb or hindlimb is each of the two ends that are attached to the trunk through the pelvis through the hip joint. Their function is to support the weight of the body in the standing position and make travel possible by its powerful muscle contraction.

Within the lower limb there are several areas; each lower member is composed of several main segments:

The pelvic girdle or pelvis. It is a bony ring that is formed by the sacrum in the posterior region and the right and left innominate bones. Both they unite ahead in the symphysis pubis which closes the ring.

Thighs: his skeleton is a single bone; the femur. In this area it would be located Prostheses transfemoral or above the knee

Patella: This is the area between the thigh and leg. There are different types of knee replacement.

Leg: formed by the tibia and fibula or fibula. In this area Prosthetics, or also called transtibial or transtibial prosthesis are located.

Ankle Region where the leg joins the foot.

Pie in turn consists of three segments: tarsus, metatarsus, Falange. Foot Prosthesis.

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