Otto Bock Xeno, electric wheelchair's Standing


The electric wheelchair allows Otto Bock Xeno standing feature unique and innovative steering wheel one S3 (Single Servo Steering), greater mobility and independence in everyday life. The seat position can be adjusted to the patient's needs with a few changes, without special tools.

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Xeno - Device's Standing

Standing function and innovative steering system make the Xeno power wheelchair in the ideal companion. With it you can move flexibly on a day to day and interbreed with other people face to face.

Whether the cashier or talking to friends standing feature of the Xeno power wheelchair offers great flexibility and independence in everyday life. Careful moving from the seating position to the extent of the entire body is made in 20 seconds. Switching between standing and sitting phases is favorable for the circulation, joints and digestion, preventing further diseases.

The belts and plates system offers a secure and even lets stand during the march. The innovative steering wheel one S3 (Single Servo Steering) guarantees high maneuverability and optimum qualities of the fly, even in narrow.


Electric wheelchair with standing function
Electronic modules managed by systems "BUS"
Operating time approx. 35 km
Maximum user weight 136 kg.
Electronics "Enable 50"

Included Options

Speed ​​6 km / h
75Ah gel batteries.
Support swing controlparallel.
Standard seat cushion
Armrest height and depth adjustable.
Full lighting.
Damping wheel drive
Idlers 10 "
Pelvic belt, thoracic, padded knees
Gray knobby tires
Two-piece footrest plastic base

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Product Options
Measure width of seat
43 cm
48 cm
Chassis Color
Metallic Silver
Red Heather
Deep Black RAL 9005
Customized paint (color catalog Otto Bock)
[Add €109.32]
Chassis options
Speed ​​10 km / h
[Add €306.78]
4 wheel mudguard
[Add €299.15]
Fanless Charger
[Add €170.34]
Rear bumper
[Add €79.66]
Seat Regulations
Electric tilting seat
[Add €1,062.71]