Otto Bock C2000 power wheelchair for outdoor


Otto Bock C2000 power wheelchair for outdoor high robustness and autonomy.

Chassis Color
  • Navy dormant
  • Customized paint (color catalog Otto Bock)

For outdoor

Address innovative

Front and rear drive

Good cushioning

High load capacity

The direct motor control two wheels guide ensures precise steering, increased stability and enhanced maneuverability. The steering of the C2000 offers all the advantages of traditional management systems, but without the disadvantages. This will avoid the awkward exchange between the interior and so foreign. This offers customers great flexibility and independence in everyday life.

Another advantage: the C2000 can be combined with the whole range of special controls Otto Bock, and exactly adapted to the individual needs of their patients.

Included Options

Speed ​​6 km / h (ET01)
110Ah gel batteries (EU01).
Support parallel swing control
Adjustable armrest height and depth c / protective clothing
Full lighting.
Damping of the four wheels
Pneumatic wheels
Turf tires or tires with guide slot and lug drive (EG50)
Tires gray or black
Idlers 14 "with electronic steering
Central footresttwo pieces (18cm), adjustable angle (EB62)
Central footrest or continuous, one-piece angle adjustable (EB61)
Four-wheel mudguard
Standard seat cushion black
Upholstered standard back
Height floor / base plate: 61-65

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Accessories and Order Sheet

This product has multiple combinations, so before ordering is necessary to contact us.You can download the order form where you will find various accessories and combinations

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Product Options
Chassis Color
Navy dormant
Metallic Silver
Red Heather
Deep Black RAL 9005
Customized paint (color catalog Otto Bock)
[Add €110.17]
Orange Marbled
Seat Type
[Add €494.92]
I recaro
[Add €1,250.00]
Type of chair
c-2000 - pull delentera
c-2000 - RWD
c-2000-S (lap belt) t. lead
[Add €615.25]
c-2000-S (lap belt) t. back
[Add €615.25]
c-2000-H (seat lift, max. 130 kg) t. lead
[Add €2,163.56]
c-2000-H (seat lift, max 130 kg) t. back
[Add €2,163.56]