Quickie Jive - Electric Wheelchair


The Quickie electric wheelchair is a chair Jive completely modular, designed to fully adjust to the needs of the user, lifestyle, and environment. Excellent outdoor performance without sacrificing maneuverability indoors.

Cod SS 12212703

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Seat height and type of traction
Seat dimensions JIVE

Jive M Central traction- Excellent maneuverability indoors: With its small turning radius (560 mm), to a minimum width of 630 mm and a height of seat to floor greatly reduced from 420 mm. Very comfortable driving in any terrain: The suspension system cushions the impact SpiderTrac prevents rolling, helps maintain the horizontal position of the seat, and always with maximum traction. Very configurable.

Jive F FWD- Has exceptional behavior before curbs and uneven terrain. The Quickie Jive perfectly combines unique performance outdoor and indoor mobility, thanks to its small turning radius of just 70 cm. Its highly configurable and modular design allows various types of exchange backups and add power modules for the seat based on evolving user needs.

Jive R RWD- A higher level of external electronic chair. With exceptional performance on all terrains thanks to its large wheels 10 "and 14". Its highly configurable and modular design allows various types of exchange backups and add electrical modules as user needs change. And equipped with complete electronics and adaptable R-net.

Unique seating system

Made of aluminum with oval shapes, to installany structure in the same type of back, as Jay Comfort Standard, the clinical Jay support, or any other customized mold. It also allows the seat width adjustment by moving the armrests and footrests, and an increase of 5 cm in depth.

High End Electronics

Quickie chair Jive has a variety of control systems to find the most suitable to the user's needs: from full standard R-net control with color screen to a wide range of special controls and environment.

Optimum weight distribution

The base is specifically designed so that the batteries are positioned in the center, so that the heaviest part of the user is directly below, maximizing stability. This, along with the ability to adjust the center of gravity, helps to increase traction to move the user's weight over the drive wheel (rear wheel).

Attractive design

The design of the housing, leaving hidden from view electronic components and is available in 3 bright colors, along with the original 3-spoke wheels give it a very attractive look typical of high-end chair.

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Gris Selenio
Seat height and type of traction
Rear and 43 cm
Rear and 44.5 cm
Rear and 46 cm
Rear and 47 cm
Rear and 48 cm
Front and 43 cm
Front and 44.5 cm
Front and 46 cm
Front and 47 cm
Front and 48 cm
Central and 42 cm
Central and 43 cm
Central and 44.5 cm
Central and 46 cm
Central and 47 cm
Central and 48 cm
Kerb climber
Kerb climber
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Seat dimensions JIVE
Depth 41 cm - width 40
Depth 41 cm - width 44
Depth 41 cm - width 48
Depth 41 cm - width 52
Depth 41 cm - width 56
Depth 46 cm - width 40
Depth 46 cm - width 44
Depth 46 cm - width 48
Depth 46 cm - width 52
Depth 46 cm - width 56
Depth 51 cm - width 40
Depth 51 cm - width 44
Depth 51 cm - width 48
Depth 51 cm - width 52
Depth 51 cm - width 56
Depth 55 cm - width 40
Depth 55 cm - width 44
Depth 55 cm - width 48
Depth 55 cm - width 52
Depth 55 cm - width 56