Central electronic traction chair Jive

Sillas electrónicas

High end chair for outdoor Central traction




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Excellent maneuverability indoors: With its small turning radius (560 mm), to a minimum width of 630 mm and a height of seat to floor greatly reduced from 420 mm. Very comfortable driving in any terrain:

The suspension system cushions the impact SpiderTrac prevents rolling, helps maintain the horizontal position of the seat, and always with maximum traction.

Very configurable

Jive tracción central

Approved for transport vehicles
This product has successfully passed crash tests in accordance with ISO 7176-19 certified it as safe seat during transport in a vehicle

Suspensión SpiderTrac

Suspension SpiderTrac

The safer and more comfortable driving in any terrain. The innovative Spider Trac suspension mechanism offers multiple benefits: Prevents the user rolling down curbs, absorbs shocks for a smooth and comfortable, and helps maintain the horizontal position of the user.

Maximum power in every situation

Electrónica de gama alta

High End Electronics

Quickie chair Jive has a variety of control systems to find the most suitable to the user's needs: from full standard R-net control with color screen to a wide range of special controls and environment.

Sistema de asiento único

Unique seating system

Made of aluminum with oval profiles, allows the same structure installed in any type of back, as Jay Comfort Standard, the backup Jay clínicos, or any other customized mold.

It also allows the seat width adjustment by moving the armrests and footrests, and an increase of 5 cm in depth.

Conducción muy sencilla e intuitiva

Driving very simple and intuitive

By having the central wheel drive, the rotation axis of the seat coincides with the user. In this way the movement of the chair are very easy to calculate and intuit by the user.

This makes it an ideal chair for users with limited capabilities for control and management of electronic chairs, with little control or upper limbs.


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