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Scooter ATTO

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Folding Scooter New ATTO

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Scooter ATTO

Scooter ATTO

Folding Scooter New ATTO

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Transformation ... it seems like magic

It is hard to believe how a scooter can be converted into a compact trolley, the perfect size to travel with him on a plane. When we imagine 'Atto', we wanted a vehicle that not only would fold, but that magically transform into a suitcase or trolley. Our designers and engineers had to practically reinvent the wheel in order to make this dream a reality.

Without compromising comfort and safety

Atto is a scooter specifically designed for people with physical disabilities. When deployed, "Atto" has a width of 56 cm between the rear wheels, giving the driver an experience comfortable and safe driving. We do this without compromising the size when folded. Users can effortlessly configure intelligent mechanisms for a perfect fit, including tilt to the user, the seat height and arm. The footrest is flat surface to facilitate mounting, angled to a comfortable driving and cover material
Special to prevent slippage,all to create a barrier-free environment.

Invisible? Well almost!

What does the scooter to go away? When folded, the scooter becomes a briefcase baggage imagine anyone can become a matter of seconds in a scooter full, stable, secure and comfortable size. We call this unique attribute Transfolding 'since it folds like magic, while at the same time it becomes something else. You can choose to ride or roll effortlessly along with you!

excellent engineering

Atto was built from more than 200 pieces of unique design, the implementation of multiple disciplines and the best technologies. What makes this product so special and attractive it is the fact that each of its parts and mechanisms, visible or hidden, was designed to provide the functionality that has never existed in other products. Such an approach can only be performed when a company sets the highest standards as its goal.

Shopping or anywhere ...

Atto has a large space under the seat to carry shopping bags or anything that needs to be transported from one place to another. Atto has been designed focusing on the daily needs of life of users. The trick has been to implement these requirements in a modern vehicle "Transfolding" so you can go anywhere you want.


When folded, ATTO is as small as a luggage trolley and you can take with you on the flight as well is very large and comfortable when open for driving. 10 seconds of operation are sufficient to blink, and 10 seconds to ATTO split into two light pieces.

No limitations

ATTO is made for people who believe they have the right to be like everyone else, traveling without hesitation, without complicated planning and limitations.


When it comes to folding, Atto is the world's most compact scooter. However, when it is open and ready to drive, Atto is the largest and most comfortablein its category.

mode carriage 72 height 39 cm length width 42
mode driver 120 height 90 cm length 56 anchurra


front half 12.0 Kg
Rear average 16.2 Kg
assembled * 28.2 Kg
Battery 1.85 Kg
* No battery


maximum user weight:
100 Kg


Although Atto seat is thin and stylish, which was designed to provide comfort and safety and can be adjusted according to user preferences. The seat mechanism can be locked in one of three fixed height, ranging from 560-610 mm (22 to 24 inches) from the ground.

Ground clearance

minimum ground clearance of Atto is as follows:
10 cm


Atto uses a lithium-ion lightweight powerful, technologically advanced battery. Weighing just 2 kg (4.4 lbs), the battery allows more than 16 km (10 miles) of continuous driving while requiring only 4 hours (on average) to load. As for charging options, you can load the scooter and outside the vehicle, which means that you can, but need not,take the battery off the vehicle in order to charge it. Removing the battery is as easy as clicking a button. Reinstall the battery is as easy as putting it back into place.


Although most countries allow a maximum speed of 6.7 km / h (about 4 mph), Atto can go up to 10 km / h (about 6 mph) depending on local regulations. Once the maximum speed is set by a technician, it is very easy to set your current maximum speed with one of the presets.


To allow large distances, we have developed a completely personalized a permanent magnet brushless DC motor only combining gear solid core and powerful with strong braking mechanism. Through sophisticated software algorithms unifies the engine deceleration techniques for loading and to provide a smooth driving experience.


Atto Charger is a charger with the ability to connect to any 110VAC mains rating - 240VAC.


The front and back of Atto can be easily removed in just a few seconds by operating a knob and two handles. The same technique is applied to put the two halves back together. This is very useful when placed in the overhead compartments of an aircraft.

Address bar

There are three mechanisms that can be adjusted to provide maximum customization. These include (a) the height of the handlebars; (B) the angle of the steering; and (c) the angle of the handlebar. These three combined settings ensure comfort and safety.


Preliminary tests show a minimum height of 150 cm is required for safe driving.

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Scooter ATTO

Scooter ATTO

Folding Scooter New ATTO

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