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Elite 2 Plus scooter
Elite 2 Plus scooter
Elite 2 Plus scooter
Elite 2 Plus scooter
Elite 2 Plus scooter
Elite 2 Plus scooter
Elite 2 Plus scooter
Elite 2 Plus scooter
Elite 2 Plus scooter
Elite 2 Plus scooter

Scooter Elite 2 Plus

Scooter Elite 2 plus
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Driving high level with better suspension

Accessories (optional)

Leave the worries at home! Sterling Elite ² Plus provides a pleasant driving and maximum safety on the road. Equipped with large 14 "wheels, maximum speed of 15 km / h, an advanced electronic system and adjustable hydraulic rear suspension.

The scooter also incorporates forefoot cushioning which helps absorb road irregularities and disc brakes for greater comfort and precision braking

Outdoor Power and speed

The scooter comes standard with larger 14 "wheels with aluminum rims and high profile to increase traction. Suspension also comes equipped with both front and rear wheels to ensure a smooth and comfortable ride on uneven terrain. With a large battery backed power 70 Amp, disc brakes and a top speed of up to 15 km / h.

Advanced electronics

Very intuitive and practical to use. The handle, which is adjustable in height 5 cm, has a large LCD screen where the user can view parameters such as speed and battery charging, ambient temperature, driving hours in even kilometers. Through the box buttons can control the driving profiles (indoor / outdoor) lights and indicators.

Nice ride

² Plus Elite is designed for you to enjoy Safe Journeyand in total comfort. So lets make numerous adjustments to find the position that is most comfortable to each usuario.El 360 ° rotating seat is adjustable in height and depth. The handle can also be adjusted in angle to facilitate transfers and folding armrests are adjustable in angle. Conveniently standard front basket for carrying items.

Maximum safety on the road

To ensure the visibility on the road, the Elite scooter ² Plus incorporates LED lights, front and rear lights, indicators and brake lights. Also has fenders, brake, roll wheels and rear bumper as standard. All in a sturdy structure, approved for users up to 175 kg.

Approved for transport vehicles

This product has successfully passed crash tests in accordance with ISO 7176-19 certifying it as safe seat during transport in a vehicle


Front wheel:14 "
Rear wheel:14 "
Overall length:139 cm
Width:65 cm
Seat height:44 to 54 cm
Model:3 wheel
Speed:15 km / h
Batteries:70 Amp
Maximum slope:15 º
Turning radius:140 cm
Lights and indicators:If
Autonomy:44 km (estimated range under test conditions)
Total weight:140 kg
Max Users:175 kg

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Es una maravilla este modelo de scooter.Estoy encantado con mi compra. Les recomendare sin lugar a dudas a las personas que me pregunten por esta scooter.

Una pasada,es mas bonita fisicamente que en las fotos de la web y catalogos. Es grande y potente y estoy encantado.Una pasada.
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