Motors for manual wheelchairs

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Motorization Kit Power pack Motorization Kit Power pack 2
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Motorization Kit Power pack

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Design double wheel move up to 135kg.
E S-Drive Motor PowerStroll E S-Drive Motor PowerStroll 2
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Motors for manual wheelchairs

electronic engine S-Drive PowerStroll

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Motor para silla Drive
This excellent Powerstroll will make most chairs manuals in electric wheelchairs wheels controlled by a caregiver.
Alber Twion from invacare Alber Twion from invacare 2
Motors for manual wheelchairs

Alber Twion of Invacare

The help system for propulsion lighter and faster The twion provide the user with more independence and freedom. The integrated into the rear wheel hub motors are quiet and compact and are equipped with lithium batteries that achieve a speed of 6 km / h, extendable to 10 km / h with optional Mobility Plus pack.
Accessory for chair Accessory for chair 2
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Motors for manual wheelchairs

Power Glide, Motor aid attendant

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The new engine Power Glide makes it easier to push a manual wheelchair.
Battery for Power Glide Battery for Power Glide 2
Batteries for wheelchairs and scooters

Battery for Power Glide

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Battery engine helps the companion Power Glide
Quickie WheelDrive Quickie WheelDrive 2
Motors for manual wheelchairs

Quickie wheeldrive

Sunrise Medical
Quickie WheelDrive
Wheeldrive is an innovative device helps electric propulsion coupled to your manual wheelchair, provide you travel so you can reach further and with less effort ...
Motor wheelchair Easy 15 Motor wheelchair Easy 15 2
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Motors for manual wheelchairs

Wheelchair Motor Easy 15

Easy Way
Easy 15
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Easy accompanying electrical system 15
Wheelchair motor E-Impulse R20 Wheelchair motor E-Impulse R20 2
Motors for manual wheelchairs

Wheelchair motor E-Impulse R20

Sunrise Medical
E-Impulse R20
This E-Impulse R20 engine makes it easy for the passenger to push the wheelchair. Compatible with most manual wheelchairs in the market.