Motorization Kit Power pack

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Design double wheel move up to 135kg.


Dual wheel design capacity to transport 135 kg,
Simple installation on any chair.
Adjustable speed to suit your step and a range
suitable for day to day, has reversed to facilitate all maneuvers.
By design fits in any bag and its light
external charger can recharge anywhere, allowing
extra mobility.

It is very easy to disassemble the chair to fold normally, just the triggers anchored to the chassis and the control on the handle remain in the chair, which is the motor and battery are separate feeding and thus make an easy transportation.


The Power Pack is ideal for a walk without worrying about the slopes and elevations of the streets, because with mantenr control lever pressed, the motor will move the whole chair and user without problems.

Maximum speedAutonomyMotroBatteryChargerWheelsWeight CapacitySizeBase weightBattery weightTotal weightWidth chair allowing use
6km / h 16km DC12v 75W - 280W 12V / 20 Ah 1.5 A Far 8 "20cm. Polyurethane 135kg 300x200x245 6.4kg 6.8kg 13.2kg From 36cm. Up to 51cm

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