There will be no difference between CCAA care, but if billing

The director general of the Basic Portfolio NHS Services and Pharmacy, Agustín Rivero, has said that there will be differences by regions in the treatment of patients from this Saturday and do not have a health cardand "differences"Only exist in how these benefits bill.

Thus, the health officer, in an appearance before the media, said thatthere will be "a monster of seventeen heads"as the PSOE said Friday, but there will be "basic head", the Ministry of Health, and other "management capability" by autonomy.

All territories-has insisted-comply with the Royal Decree of health reformand then each exercise the ability to "manage" their resources.

Rivero, who spoke at the special meeting of the Medical College (OMC) hasstressed that no patient will be left without medical attentionand health services will be those who will see the phrase "most appropriate" for the bill that would generate that service may charge.

Cut to the "abuse"

Similarly, has made clear to be cut with the "abuse" that has been in many casesin relation to health tourismfor the Spanish "do not pay one billioneuros "without knowing who is going to take care of it andthus enabling the model to be "sustainable".

He referred as well tocost assistance to 700,000 Europeans who had obtained health card without the right, According to figures from the Court of Auditors.

Regarding the number of people that from this September 1 will be affected by the withdrawal of the medical card, said that one could speak of a 130, but not a final number and you have to start counting from zero.

Yes explained that there has been talk of half a million people that would be affected but currently not included in the health card and therefore may no longer reside in Spain.

Drug Coverage

Also on this issue, the president of the World Medical Association, José Luis Gomes do Amaral, who has gone to the extraordinary, is confident that the reform does not involvediscrimination for patients to understand that "not acceptable"discriminatory practices exist between those with legal status and those who do not.

Furthermore, Rivero has referred to thedrugs (417 in total) that even today no longer funded by the Social Security, The vast majority for minor symptoms, and, as noted, this is not a "dismantling" of health, as has been criticized by the opposition.

And not, above, because of the eighteen thousand drugs are on the formulary, thirteen thousand are financed through the public health system. Spain is, along with France and Germany,the country with more than ten thousand drugs covered, According to Rivero said.

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