Criteria for the selection of an ankle device

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Criteria for the selection of an ankle device

TreatmentsThe treatment of an ankle injury depends on accurate diagnosis of the problem, the application of ice and anti-inflammatory drugs are usually effective in minor injuries, which might require the application of a compressive bandage or brace, giving us a subject and reduced edema more serious injuries. Stabilizer system is recommended as the splint and immobilizer multiposition foot and ankle (ref: TP-2100), rehabilitation and physical therapy, are recommendations to strengthen the ankle and, when the ankle is unstable or has undergone surgical fractures is recommended ankle stabilizer use, especially in the return to the sport.

Walk a mile can generate more than 60 tons of stress on each foot. It is not surprising that over 20% of musculoskeletal problems affecting the lower limbs. More than 25,000 people sprain his ankle in the United States every day, not all of these injuries being simple. Sometimes up to 40% of thiss patients may have symptoms that will affect them in the future. Anyway all "ankle sprains" are not really of ankle sprains or strains. These various ankle injuries have made developing different orthotic devices for the treatment of ankle injuries depending on the type of injury and the role we want to get them (compression, stabilization, immobilization, mobility control etc. ..) . Some devices developed recently by Orliman as Valfeet AIR, seeking to combine various functions becoming a more versatile device and indications for their prescription.
Some of the common and important injuries of the ankle, are described below:
Most ankle injuries occur when the foot and ankle is twistedn inward causing a voltage and extreme pressure in the ankle. This injury often occurs in sports such as soccer, basketball, handball, football and so on. When injury occurs is usually accompanied by a sudden sound on the outside of the ankle. It may cause immediate swelling and inability to walk. Most of these types of injuries are related and possibly talofibular ligament calcaneofibular ligament. Usually the pain on the outside or lateral ankle. The other structures often remain intact. In these cases, depending on the extent of the ligament rupture and its instability, the orthopedic device, shall exercise from a simple compression to reduce edema and to provide minimal fastening (eg Tob-500, 4401, etc. .. ) and can increase its support and stabilization with elastic straps and maleolares plates (eg Est-084, 4404 etc. ..).
Sprain / syndesmosis 
Approximately 5% of sprains involve the "syndesmosis." This is the dense tissue quand joins the end of the tibia to the fibula. This injury occurs when the foot is fixed on the ground and turning the body toward the opposite direction. For example, if the left foot is fixed on the ground and the body turns to the right will cause this type of injury. Often this type of injury is very painful and causes more pain than the anterior talofibular ligament injury. When a sprain injury such fracture occurs sometimes at the top of the fibula. In these cases it is of great interest to have a device that apart from the lateral stabilizing means, we provide a system which prevents rotational movements of the ankle joint. Ankle stabilizer Valfeet Air, with its shells, and ankle joint template becomes a suitable device because with these components guarantees a perfect control of the movements of both internal and external rotation.
Sprained ankle / deltoid ligamentDeltoid ligament is a wide and complex located on the inside of the ankle.A sprain of the deltoid may be associated with anterior talofibular ligament sprain. Normally this would increase the severity of the injury. A sprain of the deltoid attached to an anterior talofibular ligament sprain takes longer to heal. Bivalve systems are very effective as a method of stabilizing orthotics can have like Air Gel (is-082) with gel packs for hot and cold therapies. If we further stabilization ankle immobilization AIR Valfeet provide us the same benefits at the same time thanks to its staff get a relationship plantar fascia.
ANKLE FRACTURESometimes an inversion injury that normally return a sprained ankle, off a piece of bone, resulting in avulsion fracture. The ligament is sometimes stronger than the bone where it joins producing an invoice. Bone fracture normally this type of injury is the end of the fibula called "lateral malleolus." These fractures and the calcaneal fracture initially required an immobilizer system Cam Walker type and can as the patient is rehabilitated Walker replaced by a device CamValfeet AIR.
Lateral fractures of the footThe same mechanism that produces a sprained ankle, sometimes resulting in a fracture of the fifth metatarsal in his foot. This is a fracture that occurs at the outside of the foot along the metatarsal long bone. These fractures are sometimes confused with routine ankle sprain. Anyway, the pain will occur at the side of the foot and not primarily the same ankle. This fracture may be treated by decreasing the mechanical demands along the various joints of the foot. Valfeet Air thanks to its air chambers, ankle joints and especially its anatomical template will be an excellent choice for mechanical applications such decrease in case it was needed and download complete immobilization 5 foot goal, selection would be a Cam Walker with air chamber and locking system ankle joint.

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