THERMAL antiescaras Mittens T / S (pair)

THERMAL antiescaras Mittens T / S (pair)

THERMAL antiescaras Mittens T / S (pair)

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THERMAL antiescaras Mittens T / S (pair)

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THERMAL antiescaras Mittens T / S (pair)


Témica fabric mitten Saniluxe * e ** Rhovyl inside.

Dimensions: S (15x26), M (17.5x27.5), L (20x29.5) cm. (Width x height x depth)


* Saniluxe is a revolutionary polyurethane fabric that guarantees maximum comfort and hygiene. Thanks to its thin membrane with tiny holes only let through the smallest particles, eliminates the sensation of heat, humidity and noise provided by other waterproof fabrics.

Saniluxe - waterproof, breathable, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-mite.

** Rhovyl - Thermal, antibacterial, waterproof, fireproof.




Hand or machine wash with mild detergent at 30 ° C, removing the spin.
It can be dry cleaned.
Do not iron.
Tolerates drier at reduced temperature.


Saniluxe polyurethane - 60% polyester, 40% polyurethane.
Rhovyl fiber - 55% chlorofibre 45% polyester.
Close - velcro.
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