WATERPROOF PADDED mitten antiescaras CELESTE T / L (unit)

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WATERPROOF PADDED mitten antiescaras CELESTE T / L (unit)


Mitten padded, waterproof, made in polyurethane saniluxe *.

Sizes: S (15x26), M (17.5x27.5), L (20x29.5)


Made smooth so that the patient can not hurt to rub material. It provides complete protection in the hands and wrists.

* Saniluxe is a revolutionary polyurethane fabric that guarantees maximum comfort and hygiene. Thanks to its thin membrane with tiny holes only let through the smallest particles, eliminates the sensation of heat, humidity and noise provided by other waterproof fabrics.

It is waterproof, anti-mite, anti-allergic, flame retardant, antibacterial, antifungal, AUTODESODORANTE.


Suitable for people who tend to self-harm.


Wash by hand or machine with non-abrasive products.
Maximum temperature 30 degrees.
You can not use bleach.
Do not iron.
Tolerates dryer.


Saniluxe polyurethane - 60% polyester, 40% polyurethane.
Bamboo - 30% bamboo, 70% polyester.
Filling: siliconized polyester fiber.
Closure: Velcro.
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