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Wheelchair with toilet TS-Aqua transit wheels (small)

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The toilet wheelchair (push wheelchair)

Practical multifunctional wheelchair
The TS-Aqua shower wheelchair is a true all-rounder. These are a wheelchair for showering and a mobile chair for the toilet at the same time. You can use the wheelchair with shower and chest of drawers for both domestic and professional use in healthcare facilities and hospitals.

Variant 01 (Push wheelchair)
Equipped with 5" wheels, the TS-Aqua toilet and shower wheelchair is easy to maneuver as a push wheelchair for a companion. For safety and stability, the 5" wheels have brakes front and rear.

Use with normal WC
The TS-Aqua shower and toilet chair can be used as a mobile toilet with the help of the supplied toilet bucket. However, the shower and toilet wheelchair also allows the use of a normal toilet. The hygienic section allows the TS-Aqua wheelchair to slide over any standard toilet and use it as well as a normal toilet.

Calf strap footrest
The TS-Aqua shower chair and toilet is equipped with footrests for easy transport. You can comfortably rest your feet on these footrests. To prevent your legs from slipping, you can place a strap on your calf so that your feet don't slide back.

Swivel armrests
So you can get on and off the chair comfortably and safely, the TS-Aqua is equipped with swivel armrests. Thanks to the armrests, you can stand on your feet. In addition, the armrests provide optimal lateral stability while sitting.


  • Aluminium chassis
  • 5" wheels (with brake)
  • Padded seat
  • Backrest
  • Swivel armrest
  • Folding footrests
  • Rotating footrest paddles
  • Incl. toilet bucket with lid
  • Hygienic interior opening
  • Hygienic inner opening pad

Vers. Small wheelsVers. Large wheels
Seat width460 mm (effectively 390 mm)460 mm (effectively 390 mm)
Seat depth430 mm430 mm
Seat height520 mm520 mm
Hygienic interior opening260 x 180 mm (oval)260 x 180 mm (oval)
Total width560 mm630 mm
Total height99 – 104 mm990 – 1040 mm
Full length925 mm1100 mm
Total weight14.4 kg19.2 kg
Load capacity120 kg120 kg


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