Contour JAY3 Backup Standard, Thoracic Middle

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Contour Standard, Thoracic Middle

Rigid back Jay 3 with standard contour (slight lateral support), and support midthoracic level (shell height 30-38 cm).

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Back JAY3

Contour Standard, Thoracic Middle

Rigid back Jay 3 with standard contour (slight lateral support), and support midthoracic level (shell height 30-38 cm).

Clinical benefits:
- Firm posture support
- Improved stability
- Improved respiratory function, swallowing and the user's visual field
- Prevent musculoskeletal deformities and their surgeries
- Adjustment of tone in spastic patients and / or hypertonic
- Function antiescaras

Benefits in the quality of life for users:
- Provides user support maintaining stable and functional, and increasing tolerance to prolonged sitting
- Power-esteem: greater security and confidence
- Facilitates and promotes social interaction
- Elegant Aesthetics

Compatible con el 90% de sillas de ruedas del mercado

Compatible with 90% of market wheelchairs

Jay anchorages system 3 presents a revolutionary design of clamp supports a variety of tube diameters (from 1.9 cm to 2.8 cm). With only two anchor points can be placed in multiple positions backrest tube. It is also adjustable in width up to 5 cm and angled up to 22 degrees without reducing the depth of the seat.

Múltiples cuñas de posicionamiento para alineación vertebral

Multiple positioning wedgesfor spinal alignment

A rigid backing to adapt fully to the shape of the user in order to obtain an optimum pressure distribution, proper support and increase the comfort and functionality. For this reason, the J3 back guarantee offers a variety of positioning wedges that allow total professional support adaptation to the user.

Amplia gama de formas, tamaños y tallas

Wide range of shapes, sizes and sizes

Jay backs range 3 presents a wide variety of formsand sizes. In this manner provides optimum support to the vast majority of users. The new J3 back to select three kinds of contour depth depending on how the user needs lateral support, support 4 levels by trunk stability, 3 backrest heights, and a variety of widths. Up to 97 different backs!

Fácil de colocar y retirar por el usuario

Easy to install and remove by the user

Place the J3 back could not be easier. Simply slide anchors and support is set automatically. And disassembly is as easy and fast. Even those users with greater disabilityin the upper extremities will find it very easy to remove. The choice of 4-point anchors can withstand more force on the back. Ideal for large sizes or heights, or when the user needs more stability by severe neurological dysfunction

Technical Specifications

Outline:Standard Outline
Support level:Middle Chest
Width:31/36/41/46/51 cm
Depth:5 cm
Height:30/34/38 cm
Type of cover:Breathable
Max user:136 kg

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Back Width
31 cms
36 cms
41 cms
46 cms
51 cms
Back Height
30 cms
34 cms
38 cms