Cantabria 2 million euros intended to promote independent living

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The Ministry of Health and Social Services of the Government of Cantabria, through the Cantabrian Institute of Social Services 1,970,000 euros allocated to individual performance award for promoting independent living during 2013.

The order of support, published in the Official Gazette of Cantabria (BOC), is designed to meet the needs of certain groups, which due to their age or their activity limitations have difficulty functioning in their usual environment, facilitating access to performance support products and services that improve their quality of life and their integration into the social environment.

May be granted to people over 65 who are not in active labor, and persons with disabilities equal to or greater than 33% under 65 years. The Government of Cantabria subsidize different services, property, housing adaptations or deletions of architectural barriers, and treatment through specific support lines with the aim of promoting personal autonomy and encourage their social inclusion, as well as stay at home .

For both groups, the Ministry of Health will pay for Home Care Services. Also, transportation costs to facilitate the receipt of servicesday centers or psychosocial rehabilitation centers where appropriate, with a maximum of 92 euros per month.

The Executive shall meet the functional adaptation of the residence and the removal of architectural barriers, to a maximum of $ 3,000 in both cases, which may be both horizontal and vertical.

It will work with a maximum of 2,500 euros in the acquisition of products that facilitate mobility support and purchase (with up to 3,000 euros) or adaptation (1,600 euros) for motor vehicles intended for those who have limited mobility.

The Government of Cantabria also subsidize the purchase of hearing aids (up to 1,100 euros) dentures (up to 500 euros) and glasses (up to 150 euros).
Similarly, the Government of Cantabria has established several specific helplines as the recipient of aid. For over 65 years, establishing grants to acquire basic appliances for the provision of services of the Public System of Social Services, such as telecare, to a maximum dand 600 euros.

Other lines of support collaborate in subsistence costs of the elderly in independent private residential, up to a maximum of 350 euros per month.
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