Health rendering modify orthoprosthetic studies related to dependence

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Health rendering modify orthoprosthetic studies linked to dependence.

During the conference, held this Wednesday, April 10, the majority of participants attached great importance to the role to be played by the community pharmacist in the care of dependent persons. From its high qualification in the field of medicine, you should be particularly attentive also to changes experienced by the chronically ill and dependent neighbors visiting your pharmacy.

Preserving the home environment

The deputy said the pharmacist Left agent mediation between the public and dependents, on a plane of equal importance to the nurse in the hospital. Given the different degrees to which dependence is expressed, it will be necessary to manage mild cases within the home, in coordination with resources such as telecare, day centers and night, or personal benefits. In the coming days, the aging, and neurodegenerative diseases that derive from it, continue taking greatpart of the role, but this should not neglect cases such as rare diseases in pediatric ages. For Left, the key is in all cases ensure continuity of care. This will require the establishment of appropriate sanitary services through a strategy that is already in place, through partnerships, for example with the Imserso. In general, the ideal is to keep the patient dependent within their usual environment and often disoriented outside. For many people leave home is a trauma should be avoided in most cases. That play a fundamental role of informal care networks and patient associations.


Left Wonders continued that it was necessary to provide for dependents adequate institutional support to enable them daily functionality.

In this field orthoprosthesis solutions are called to play an essential role. The Portfolio Management Service is working to regulate the provision orthoprosthetic, barely controlled until recently by some autonomous communities. Priority will Interterritorial Councilreduce regional variability in the portfolio to ensure greater equity between patients and territories.

As is known, the additional portfolio of services is distributed in pharmaceutical services, diototerápicos, orthoprosthesis, non-emergency medical transport user input. Orthoprosthesis Regarding health authority that serves not onerous for low incomes.

This often is difficult because of the fact that the dependent person often requires many features. Thus the contribution of the patient should be merely symbolic or deterrent, in general.

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