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Galicia is the only community in which wheelchairs are 'recycled' from one patient to another - Patients should pass 100% of the required prosthesis

The Ministry of health opens the door for patients Galician back some of their dentures and so recover their cost and Sergas can reuse. This measure is referred to in the draft order regulating the provision orthoprosthetic, which is under allegations and intends to apply state law that increases the copayment in this area. For now, Galicia is the only community where wheelchairs can be returned, but now the Galician Health Servizo "may determine the character of other articles recoverable," reads the document.

While the chairs are more expensive dentures, priced between 1,200 and 4,500 euros, there are also others with higher costs, as a child harness to combat scoliosis, which costs 800 euros and once again copayment applies to cost 80 euros parents, because only must contribute 10%. Still, if the Sergas allows return, will get that money back if this is in "good operating condition".

Last year, the central executive approved two royal decrees imposing a copayment on prescription drugs, non-emergency medical transportation and prostheses, in Galicia represent a cost of nearly nine million euros a year. However, the Ministry of Healthyet to establish the maximum amounts that subsidize for each population segment in relation to income.

While not setting the new catalog, the Ministry of health wants to pass an order to regulate the provision orthoprosthetic and adapt to the new framework. The department led by Rocio Mosquera considers this copayment will have little effect in Galicia, because most prostheses are prescribed to patients who are exempt from payment, such as victims of physical or mental disability of 33%, unemployed without benefits or income earners social integration.

Patients requiring any prosthesis should advance 100% of its cost and the Xunta later apply them discounts set by the central government: there are limits even to know when get their money.

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