ROBUST reusable swab 120x190

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ROBUST reusable swab 120x190


Robusta swab 4 layers. Reusable (400-500 washes). Composition:

1.- capa.- SURFACE (right). Napa plush (50% cotton 50% polyester), tissue in contact with the user ultra soft touch which facilitates rapid filtration of liquids. This layer is stitched to another TYVEK which slows the deterioration of the swab with the use and washing the same.

2.- capa.- empapadora INTERIOR.- fiber layer with absorptive capacity of 2 liters / m2.

3.- capa.- empapadora INTERIOR.- fiber layer similar to the 2nd layer.

4.- capa.- LOWER (reverse) .- fabric PU composition barrier effect, which prevents leakage and while facilitating their drying accelerating evaporation.


It goes with wings.
Absorbency is approximately 2 liters m2.


It is highly absorbent and easy to place, which is essential for people with incontinence, to protect the bed or wheelchair incontinence and stains.


He stands above the bottom sheet.

400-500 washed resistant to washing and drying temperature of 70 °. The use of chlorine bleach is not recommended, as this will cause premature deterioration of the waterproof layer. Use oxygen bleach. Do not use fabric softeners as they may reduce absorbency.
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