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Lotus detachable scooter from Lifante

Scooter desmontable Lotus
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Lotus scooter for people with reduced mobility looking for help both indoors and outdoors.

The Lifante brand puts at your disposal the Lotus scooter model. It is for people with reduced mobility who are looking for help both indoors and outdoors. It is a medium-sized vehicle that supports up to 136 kg of weight and is removable, for easy transport and storage.

Its design is careful to ensure comfort to the user. The goal is to make it easier to get in and out of the vehicle thanks to its folding arms. In addition, it has a cushioning system that will help you overcome potholes and save small slopes without noticing the impact.

One size for all spaces

Its dimensions are perfect to be able to use it in indoor and outdoor spaces. It has a width of just 54.5 cm, which allows most doors and narrow spaces to pass. Its barely 113 cm long also help for handling. The scooter can navigate tight curves and corners.

It has a weight of 70.85 kg, which includes the 18.8 kg of batteries and a seat adjustable by 8 cm to adapt to each user. It gives the possibility of disassembling some of its parts, which allows a comfortable transport in case of need.

It is made of aluminum and is resistant to inclement weather and its use on a day-to-day basis. It has color details that give it a modern look and has a front basket to facilitate the transport of personal items or purchases.

An engine according to its use

It has a 220 W motor that allows you to reach up to 10 km / h. To give it power, it has two gel batteries of 38 Ah each. These allow a range of between 30 and 40 km depending on the demands of the route. To recharge them, an external 6 Ah charger is used that is included.

It has anti-roll wheels to avoid accidents and has horn, headlights, rear reflectors and reverse. It is a vehicle designed for day to day.

An all-rounder for users

Its measurements and its engine make it a scooter with great features that adapts to all types of spaces and users. It can climb slopes of up to 6 degrees and overcome kerbs of 7 cm in an inperceptible way thanks to its cushioning system. It provides a good turning radius and its dimensions make it an element suitable for interiors and exteriors.

With the Lotus model, the Lifante brand presents a scooter designed to move around the city comfortably and without limitations. Its safety systems, engine and autonomy are the great highlights of the model. Thanks to this, a balanced vehicle suitable for all spaces is presented.

Total Width
54.5 cm

Total Length 113 cm

Maximum Autonomy 40 Km

Motor Power 220W

Maximum Speed 10 km/h

Battery Type Gel

Number of batteries 2

Maximum Slope 8th

Maximum user weight (kg) 136

Total Weight 70,85

Rear wheels 21.5 cm

Battery 38 Ah

Turning radius 130 cm

Seat width 43

Front wheels 19 cm

Seat Fund 43

High Support 38 cm

High floor seat 60-68 cm

Backrest width 43 cm

Lights Yes

Detachable Yes


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