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Aluminium folding walker with lever brake and Elite FM seat

Andador freno de maneta -EAN010C
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Aluminum folding walker, with lever brake and seat. A very very practical model for day to day. Cloth bag under seat.

The stable and lightweight Elite walker ensures freedom of movement for long journeys on uneven terrain or surfaces.

There are two versions of the walker, Elite FP with pressure brake and four rear wheels and Elite FM with lever brake (an articulable brake that is used from the top) and two rear wheels for uneven terrain. Both versions have two swivel front wheels which is a great advantage to guide the movement.

It is characterized by being light and foldable and supports up to 136 kg.

It incorporates a height-adjustable seat next to a folding and padded bar for a better rest of the back. Below this, there is a basket of opaque clothes, which allows a weight of 5 kg.

MeasurementElite FPElite FM
Total width61 cm 59 cm
Width between rear wheels36 cm50 cm
Total depth56.5 - 60.5 cm65 - 69 cm
Folded depth22 cm29 cm
Total height (adjustable)82 - 96 cm84 -98 cm
Total weight6.70 kg
Maximum weight supported136 kg



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