Folding scooter CITY

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The CITY scooter comes with a new driving style, easy, intuitive, and very maneuverable. It reminds us of riding a motorcycle, with the accelerator and brake on the handlebars. CITY is more compact and lighter than other scooters in its class and thanks to its 36V 15.6 Ah lithium battery you can enjoy a great autonomy of up to 30Km.

The CITY scooter has been designed for those people who want to maintain an independent lifestyle. The CITY scooter is very compact when folded and can be easily stored in the trunk of any vehicle. Its weight with batteries is only 28 Kg.

Compact and lightweight

Super compact when folded, the CITY scooter can be easily stored in the trunk of any car. The reduced size of the scooter once folded, allows it to fit in elevators of small dimensions, which otherwise would not be possible.

Clear and intuitive instrument cluster

The chart clearly indicates the running speed and battery status. Also the turning on of the indicators and lights.

Three driving modes

With a simple button the user can choose the type of driving he wants. From position 1 that limits the speed to 6 km / h, to circulate safely on the sidewalk or even in shopping centers. Position 2 limits the speed to 10 km / h and 3 to 15 km / h, for longer journeys in clear areas.


Double brake disc operated by brake lever on the left grip. It provides great scooter braking and control.

Sccoter plegable


  • Model TTX-2W    
  • Width 55 cm    
  • Depth 98 cm    
  • Seat width 43 cm    
  • Folded dimensions 370x550x690mm    
  • Motors 250Wx2    
  • LITHIUM battery 36V15.6Ah    
  • Autonomy 30 Km    
  • Speed 3 modes 6/10/15 Km    
  • Maximum slope 12º    
  • Turning radius 1.5 m

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