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Wheelchair BASIC-DUO from Forta
Wheelchair BASIC-DUO from Forta
Wheelchair BASIC-DUO from Forta
Wheelchair BASIC-DUO from Forta
Wheelchair BASIC-DUET Forta

Wheelchair BASIC-DUET Forta

The wheelchair-Basic Forta Duo is 6 chair closer wheels market.

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Wheelchair BASIC-DUET Forta

Basic Dúo
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The wheelchair-Basic Forta Duo is 6 chair closer wheels market.

Seat width

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The wheelchair-Basic Forta Duo is 6 chair closer wheels market. Both have rear 250mm 600mm wheels as being interchangeable easily thanks to its removable shafts and can be used to pass through narrow passages or for user comfort. It is a single chair on the market. Like Basic, it has a horizontal cross that lets you narrow even with the user sitting.

- Rear wheels 600 and 250 mm interchangeable (QuickRelease).

- Use the wheels of 250 mm on the inside to pass through roads or narrow doors, 250 mm on the outside of home and 600 mm for the street.

- Chair neckable user even up, allowing cross roads or narrow doors effortlessly.

- Made of aluminum and high strength polymers.

- Absorbs uneven terrain.

- Available with various fairings (side) of different colors.

- Fairings (side) customizable with images, logos, contact information ...

- Highly resistant and comfortable.

- Weight: 15.5 kg.

- Resistance of 125 kg.

- Fold.

- Removable and adjustable footrests in height without tools.

- Removable armrests.

- Four sizes available dependiendor the desired width (38, 41, 44, 46).

silla de ruedas Basic-Dúo

Features Wheelchair

HEIGHT 93 cm
LENGTH 111 cm
Length 81 cm FOOTRESTS
WEIGHT 15.5 kg
TOTAL WIDTH (R600) Talla + 18 cm
TOTAL WIDTH (R250 INTERIOR) Size + 11 cm
TOTAL WIDTH (EXTERIOR R250) Talla + 14 cm

The wheelchair Basic-Duo is a lightweight, hand and folding chair made of aluminum. This chair is, in almost all respects, similar to the Basic model, with the same design and structure as well as accessories and features.

What makes this unique wheel chair is its Duo system change rear wheels. As can be seen in the images shown above, the chair can be placedin four different positions, varying the position of its four rear wheels. By having both large rear wheels and small, the chair may be coupled to user needs, can remove large to pass through a narrow corridor, a door or an elevator, or simply to be at home with small wheels on the outside .

This versatility is unique in the market and offers the user a chance accessibility that no other wheelchair could give. Even if with small on the inside of the wheelchair, this was still too wide, it could even be narrowed even further thanks to the horizontal cross, similar to Basic, which allows it to be narrowed (either by the same user or passenger) even with the user sitting, winning a few centimeters, enough to pass through any narrow passage.

Importantly, all that described above both wheel changes as the folded width loss, are performed without using any tools and with incredible rapidity and simplicity. This is thanks to the Basic-Duo includes Quickrelease (removable axes) in all its rear wheels, both large (600 mm) and small (250 mm), making their removal and subsequent placement or change very easy position in the case of small.

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Product Options
Seat width
38 cms
41 cms
44 cms
46 cms
[Add €18.18]
Forta chair accessories
Nylon head restraints
Nylon head restraints
[Add €50.00]
Reposapies elevable
Reposapies elevable
[Add €109.09]
Brake passenger
Brake passenger
[Add €27.27]
[Add €68.18]
Color Fairing Forta
Basic fairing Blue
Basic fairing Blue
Basic fairing Black
Basic fairing Black
Colors Wheelchairs Forta
Basic chair Black color
Basic chair Black color

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