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SmartDrive MX2 Motor WHEELCHAIR

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Meet the new model SmartDrive MX2, the electric propulsion system for wheelchair users that will change your life.

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SmartDrive MX2 Motor WHEELCHAIR

SmartDrive MX2 Motor WHEELCHAIR

Meet the new model SmartDrive MX2, the electric propulsion system for wheelchair users that will change your life.

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Boost your life with SmartDrive MX2 !!

Meet the new model SmartDrive MX2, the electric propulsion system for wheelchair users that will change your life.  

SmartDrive MX2


Advantages engine Wheelchair SmartDrive

Compact and Lightweight

Designed to increase quality of life and improve the autonomy of users of manual wheelchairs. It provides help for propulsion through an easy to use and install, light weight, small size and easy to transport. No matter what type of chair you have, SmartDrive is compatible with both rigid frame chairs and folding.

Magnetic connections

SmartDrive MX2 is easier and more convenient than ever. To facilitate loading and connecting the various optional accessories, all connectors are magnetic propulsion unit making it easy for your connection.
It provides comfort in repetitive tasks like carrying your SmartDrive.


SmartDrive MX2+ "Smart" + Intuitive

Through intelligent control wrist, SmartDrive MX2 detects the movement of your arm if you want to stop playing or if you want to start the movement.
Push yourself to start up and hits the hoops to disable it. Pure technology designed for you.

easy installation

His only component makes it easier than ever installation. Two simple movements and have your SmartDrive ready to start enjoying.
Once assembled restraint system, all you have to anchor the unit in it ... there is nothing simpler!


SmartDrive is compatible with the vast majority of wheelchairs the market both rigid and folding frames.
No matter what chair you are, if you are interested in SmartDrive with high probability be compatible with your wheelchair through its various adaptations.


Ease of installation coupled with its low weight, allows you to make transfers a surprisingly comfortable way.
You can comfortably carry it around and keep it protected thanks to its foam backing.


Motor para silla de ruedas



Its small size has a powerful engine that achieves a maximum speed of 8.9 km / h. His combination of power and portability make the SmartDrive MX2 your ideal partner for those lands in which you uncomfortable performing propulsion 100% manual.
The steep ramps, sidewalks, lawns, thick carpets, nothing will be an obstacle for you or for SmartDrive.


SmartDrive MX2 is designed to provide greater freedom and autonomy, which is why the device is adapted to you, not you to him.
With it off, you can perform the same movements and maneuvers that were coming doing so far. Up and down curbs, turn on your own axis ... you not notice that you're carrying it.

travel with you

In addition to all these advantages, SmartDrive MX2 has the IATA certificate so you can take it with you without any worries when air travel.

As used

The new model SmartDrive MX2 is designed for you it extremely intuitive and convenient to use. It does not require that you change your technique and handling of the wheelchair.

The propulsion unit is operated via Bluetooth Smart bracelet that connects wirelessly with the propulsion unit. In this way, with your wrist you will control completely SmartDrive.

Activate desactivate
To activatethe propulsion unit just have to turn the bracelet pressing and releasing the button and ... ready, the SmartDrive is ready to detect your movements! Push yourself as you normally do and let the SmartDrive do the rest!

To turn off the engine, nothing simpler than "hit" with your hands rings your wheelchair. Smart bracelet interpret the movement and the engine will stop working.

If you want to turn off the unit to not recognize your impulses preventing the engine is activated, you have to turn off the bracelet pressing and releasing the button.

There is nothing simpler!


Motor para silla de ruedas


SmartDrive MX2 has two types of modes: training mode and normal mode. Both modes differ only in how you can turn off the engine.


The training mode is designed so you can familiarize yourself with the SmartDrive before moving to normal operation.

The training mode has the feature that can turn off the engine in two different ways, either"Hitting" hoops with your hands or gripping the hoops to slow down, just as you would without the SmartDrive installed. This second method is useful while perfecting the movement of "knocking" that must be performed to disable the engine.

Training mode:
Indicated with green LEDs on the bracelet and the propulsion unit >> Deactivation patter and speed reduction

NORMAL mode:

The normal operating mode is developed so you can make the most of your SmartDrive in all scenarios that you find in your day to day. Push yourself to the engine begins to run and disable it through movement "knock" you've perfected in training mode.

Normal mode:
Indicated with blue LEDs on the bracelet and the propulsion unit Deactivation patter >>

It is important that you read the User Manual to have the complete information on its operation before you start using your SmartDrive. Things you can download in the downloads tab of this page.


Technical characteristics

Autonomy: 19,8 km
Max speed (flat). 8.9 km / h
Maximum speed(Slope 6%): 8.5 km / h
Power output: 250 W
Motor voltage: 36 V
Temperature: -25C to 50C
Sound level: 60.7 dB (A)
Total weight: 6.1 kg

NOTE: The values are the results reflected performed with a 150 kg user therefore progress, speed ... vary depending on driving conditions.

Support Wheelchairs

Chair Type: Chassis Chassis Rigid and Folding
Rear wheel diameter: 22, 24, 25 or 26 inches
Folding distance: 210-533 mm
Weight Capacity : 14-150 kg

Propulsion Unit and Bracelet

Propulsion unit MX2
Weight: 5.7 kg
Overall length: 389 mm
Overall Width: 141 mm
Total height: 242 mm
Wheel diameter: 193 mm
Wheel width: 710 mm
Battery: Lithium Ion
Voltage: 36 V
Electrical Load: 3.4 Ah

bracelet MX2
Battery: Lithium-Ion
Nominal voltage: 3.7 V
Electric charge: 180 mA-h
Wireless Band: 2.4 GHz
transmission power: -23 dBm 0 dBm

Buttons Acceleration Options

The button function is to serve as accelerator, turning the engine without requiring any momentum manually. This is especially useful when you want to start up in the middle of a slope, or in an area that hinders the manual impulse.

Its operation is very simple, it is only necessary to press and hold the button to start the movement, the motor will accelerate smoothly and gradually to reach a maximum speed of 2.4 km / h (speed of a pleasant walk). At the time you want to turn off the engine, just stop pushing the button and ready, simple and very useful!

This optional accessory is connected to the propulsion unit through a magnetized connector to facilitate your task.

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SmartDrive MX2 Motor WHEELCHAIR

SmartDrive MX2 Motor WHEELCHAIR

Meet the new model SmartDrive MX2, the electric propulsion system for wheelchair users that will change your life.

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