Electric wheelchair Q400 R SEDEO LITE

Electric wheelchair Q400 R SEDEO LITE

The QUICKIE Q400® R electric rear wheelchair offers excellent maneuverability outdoors and incredible performance indoors.

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Electric wheelchair Q400 R SEDEO LITE

The QUICKIE Q400® R electric rear wheelchair offers excellent maneuverability outdoors and incredible performance indoors.

All this, combined with the benefits of the SEDEO® LITE multi-adjustable seat and the most advanced controls, offers the perfect electric wheelchair for a driving experience, manageable, intuitive and safe. It offers a reduced seat height to the ground (from 41.5 cm) so you can easily access adapted vehicles, make transfers from or to the chair, and approach tables.

Do not give up style

With a chassis finish in sleek matte black and the option to choose between 4 contemporary color details to perfectly complement its striking matt black base, the Q400 R will captivate you with its design. You can achieve an expressive and really unique look. Are you looking for an even more personal style? Our Built-4-Me will provide you with an electric wheelchair that reflects your identity completely. Customizing your chair has never been so simple!

Reliable performance of rear-wheel drive

Enjoy the safest and most comfortable driving experience with the base of the QUICKIE Q400 R. The rear-wheel drive provides stability and great ease when climbing curbs. It is easy to drive and offers great control with alternative or special driving controls.

Intuitive driving

The Q400 R with rear-wheel drive provides a manageable and intuitive driving thanks to the position of the wheel of traction in the chair. You can climb curbs dup to 8 cm or 10 cm (with the option of sub-curb).

Superior performance outdoors

Suspension with rubber shock absorbers (elastomers) to absorb the impacts and that you can move with total ease.

SEDEO LITE - Adjustable seat

Reinforce your independence and comfort with the seat system SEDEO LITE. Its adjustable frame is also provided with a lateral system of rails that allows easily adapt postural accessories or any other type of solution that is needed to accommodate mild or moderate clinical needs.

All the settings that the SEDEO LITE seat system allows you can be easily made thanks to some guides with measurements shown very clearly. And forget about complications, with just one tool you can adjust and re-position the seat to adapt it to your current or future needs.


Control your environment with the Q400 R SEDEO LITE and its advanced electronic technology. Choose from a wide range of control commands, from the reliable VR2 to the advanced R-net with large, easy-to-read HD display.

The optional R-Net controls put the best technology at your fingertips, so you can have absolute control over your environment:


Control your environment using the integrated infrared functionality of the R-net Advanced controller. Manage the entertainment system of your home, television, DVD and other systemsof home automation, everything simply through your joystick.


Manage your Smartphone, computer, tablet and any other electronic device via Bluetooth with this optional remote control. Connect and control up to four devices.


Change the function of any button on the R-Net Advanced when you want, thanks to QUICKIE's patented assignable button function. To have faster, simpler and smoother access to the functions you usually use without having to use the joystick.

Equipped as standard with folding footrests at 70º, it also allows other options such as manual, electric or central elevating footrests. The electric footrests also have the function of compensation in length, which ensures that both the platform and the points of rotation always accompany the natural movements of the leg when rising.


User manual

Sheet with prices - tarifas

Technical specifications

Seat width: 38.5 - 51 cm
Seat height: 41.5 - 49 cm
Seat depth: 41 - 56 cm
Back height: 46 - 51 cm
Total width: 64 cm
Total length: Max. 137 cm
Speed: 6 km / h (optional 8 and 10 km / h)
Batteries: 60 Amp (50 and 80 Amp optional)
Maximum autonomy: 32.5 km (autonomy calculated under test conditions)
Backrest recline: -4º to 16º manual (electric optional)
Turning radius: 95 cm
Maximum slope: 8 °
Max curbs: 8 cm (10 cm with curb climbs)
Electronics: VR2, R-Net
Minimum weight of the product: 130 kg
Max user weight: 136 kg
Colors: 4 colors: black, silver gray, green, orange
Our products are in constant process of improvement, so Sunrise Medical reserves the right to change the design thereof and the specified specifications without prior notice.
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