Otto Bock C1000 DS electric wheelchair
Otto Bock C1000 DS electric wheelchair
Otto Bock C1000 DS electric wheelchair
Otto Bock C1000 DS electric wheelchair

Electric wheelchair C1000 DS Otto Bock

C1000 DS

With its front engine and the new address, the C1000 DS is suitable for both exterior and interior spaces. Also, the wheelchair offers a low seat height, a wide variety of seating options and the possibility of using special controls.

With its new management, the C1000 DS is very easy to use and can turn almost on the site. The wheelchair is suitable for indoor and outdoor spaces.

Thanks to its low seat height the C1000 DS can be placed easily under tables and workplaces, and the complicated movement is no longer necessary.

Easy control of handling and understanding can be adjusted individually and combined with all Otto Bock special controls. In addition, special controls enAble50 offer a controlled environment. Using the input modules C1000 DS can control the most diverse appliances (p. Eg., TV, light switches or computer).

The electric wheelchair with front wheel drive C-1000 OS convinces with its outstanding driving characteristics and maneuverability Independent electronic power steering of the guide wheel allows for precise and fast operation, also in interi- pray Oebido of this, chair has a high stability and a small turning radius of only 75cm The possibility of moving the center of gravity with a few simple movements ensures optimum transfer of force to the firm

Thanks, among others, to the lifting seat to 40cm, the C-1000 OS provides great freedom of movement. The fexible height adjustment enables the approach to tableworkplaces so no problem

The C-1000 OS can mount any spe- cial control of Otto Bock range, and is therefore suitable for degenerative pathological conditions chassis with full suspension, regulations footrest, seat and back and complete equipment allow for conducting highly comfortable, also on long-haul flights by LEO's lighting it is a safety mechanism added.

Designed according to the modular concept of Otto Bock C-1000 it can be individually tailored according to the needs that are required

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