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Electric Wheelchair Aid R320 Dynamics

R320 - SRE000A - SRE000C
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Electronic wheelchair generation.

It features independent movement of the 6 wheels, which makes maneuvering and makes this chair a very special chair.

Ideal for indoor and outdoor use, thanks to its batteries and motors, the use may be continued and intensive.

Provision 3: Code 1221270


The chairR320has an independent movement of the six wheels, providing superior traction and handling!

The chairR320is the new generation of electric chairs. Thanks to its central drive and offers great maneuverability with its suspension system and comfort seat provides a smooth ride and precise in all areas, whether indoors or outdoors.

Its power efficient batteries and motors get the chairR320is ideal for intensive use and long journeys.

SATELLITE wheels with independent suspension.

* Range is calculated according to European standards. Diversion of up to 15% speed and autonomy (the company reserves the right to make modifications without prior notice).(Due to manufacturing tolerances, specifications and dimensions may vary between + / - 4%)

* Overall length without footrests.


Total weight: 105 / 110kg
Maximum load weight: 136 / 202kg

Chart and models

Model R320 R320XL
Total length 79 * / 102cm 79 * / 102cm
Overall width 69cm 69cm
Seat width 46cm 52cm
Ground clearance 5cm 5cm
Turning Radius 52cm 52cm
Pitch 6 or 10.5% 6 or 10.5%
Central wheels 300mm 300mm
Satellite Wheels 150mm 150mm
Engine Power 320w 400w
Batteries 2 x 12v 55Ah 2 x 12v 55Ah
Maximum speed * 7km / h 7km / h
Autonomy * 34Km 32Km
Total weight 105kg 110kg
Max Load Weight 136kg 202kg

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Silla de ruedas eléctrica R320
Esta bien diseñada, se ve robusta, pero personalmente pienso que le falta mas velocidad, autonomia y reposabrazos/reposapies, similares a los de la R220,, mas ruedas motrices macizas, para no pichar asi seria una silla estupenda,,
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