Rapid 2 Scooter brand B & B

Scooter Rapid 2
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Scooter Rapid 2, a wonder scooter with a performance they do enjoy the day.

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Perfectly equipped

The Rapid 2 Bischoff & Bischoff flexibly adapts to each driver. The inclination angle of the handlebar can be adjusted continuously. For ease of access and egress, you can turn the seat and raise the armrest. The box is equipped with easily readable and usable instruments.

Rapid 2 - A further development of the proven Rapid.

Sensibly developed.

The new Scooter Rapid 2 is a further development of known and presents intelligent Rapid improvements. With significantly reduced turning radius can be handled easily even in tight spaces. Increased ground clearance and a top speed of 12 km / h, you can advance comfortably and quickly.



Capacity120 kg
Total weight98 kg
Total height123 cm
Overall width61 cm
Total length132 cm
Color frameBlue
 Silver metallic

125 mm distance from the ground.

Obstacle height 40mm.

Open until 12 (21%)

Virage 1220 mm radius.

Tires 260 X 85 mm (pneumatic).

Removable Seat, giratirio, artificial leather

Adjustable steering column.


Stick holder.

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Series 6 Speed ​​Km / h.

Optional speed 10 Km / h.

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