Mattress SOFFLEX 2 ROHO®

Mattress SOFFLEX 2 ROHO®

The mattress topper is an adjustable SOFFLEX®2 that works without electricity

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Mattress SOFFLEX 2 ROHO®

The mattress topper is an adjustable SOFFLEX®2 that works without electricity

The topper FLOATATION ROHO® DRY is one of the most effective support surfaces in the care and prevention of pressure ulcers. Thanks to the DRY FLOATATION teconologia ROHO®, distributes pressure evenly over the entire surface, thus exerting an optimal skin protection.


-Distribuye Uniformemte pressure areas with pressure surges.

Reduces pressure in areas of risk.

-Minimizes Friction and shear tissue.

It favors blood circulation to maintain and promote healing and protection.


It's ecological because it can be washed and / or sterilized.

No need for external power.

-The Absence of noise provides a relaxed atmosphere for patients.


He can use the full system or combined with specially designed sections of foam.


-Mobility Limited or completely immobile

-Any Pressure ulcer on the trunk, pelvis, etc.

Altered circulatory -system.

Cells of 9 cm
Breathable, elastic, washable cover
The individual cells are adjusted to each profile
Made in neoprene rubber resistant to fire M2
clean with mild soap and water. Sterilizable.
It Includes: inflation pump, repair kit and instruction manual.
Weight of 3.6 kg / section (total 14.4 kg)

RH-Mattress Dry Floatation MATTSYSC ROHO® - 4 sections with case covers and mattress topper user 187x86cm
RH-Mattress Dry Floatation MATTSECT ROHO® - 1 section 86x50 cm
RH-Mattress Dry Floatation MATTSECT1610 ROHO® - 1 section 77x50 cm
RH-Mattress Dry Floatation MATTSECT1710 ROHO® - 1 section 81x50 cm
RH-Mattress Dry Floatation BARI39SYSC ROHO® - 4 MATTSECT, 1BARI1310SYS sheathed 100,5x190,5x8,5 cm
RH-Mattress Dry Floatation BARI42SYSC ROHO® - 4 MATTSECT, 1BARI1410SYS sheathed 105,5x190,5x8,5 cm
RH-Mattress Dry Floatation BARI48SYSC ROHO® - 4 MATTSECT, 2 cm BARI1410SYS sheathed 123x190,5x8,5
RH-Mattress Dry Floatation BARI54SYSC ROHO® - 4 MATTSECT, 1MATTSECTCUST (11X10 cells) with cover 138,5x190,5x8,5 cm
RH-Mattress Dry Floatation BARI60SYSC ROHO® - 4 MATTSECT, 4 MATTSECTCUST (14x10 cells) with cover 152,5x190,5x8,5 cm

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