Antiescaras Jay Basic Cushion


User comfort and long pad life

-Base contoured foam body which facilitates alignment and maximizes contact surface.
Long-lasting molded foam
Base-shaped for optimum coupling of standard upholstery cushion of the chair.
-Incontinence resistant cover.

Clinical indications:
-A patient who requires comfort with minimal postural support, symmetrical positions.
- Patient with low risk of ulcers by pressure or friction. Good integrity of the skin.
- Patients who can make weight changes autonomously.
- Users sporadic wheelchairs.

Width: 25-60 cm (to see size availability, see the order form)
Depth: 25-60 cm (to see size availability, see the order form)
Height front: 4 cm
Back height: 4 cm
Maximum user weight: 113 kg
Pad type: Foam cushion. For users who want to be comfortable with a discrete support.
Type of cover: Intinencia resistant Case


Base de espuma contorneada

Contoured foam base

The surface is smooth and contoured foam Jay Basic cushion increases comfort, helping to maintain a healthy posture in the wheelchair. Its mild anatomical shape provides lateral stability and facilitating subsequent body alignment and maximizing the contact surface.




Funda resistente a la incontinencia

Incontinence resistant sheath

Jay Basic comes with incontinence resistant cover to protect the base of moisture extending pad life.




42 tallas disponibles

42 sizes available

With the most complete range of sizes available to suitthe needs of a wide range of users. Width and depth from 25-60 cm.




Base sólida de madera (opcional)

Base solid wood (optional)

Recommended for upholstery seats. Ensures flat surface and firm support. This guarantees a good positioning and prevents deterioration of the cushion.


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