Jay Zip relief cushion


Skin protection, comfort and stability for children

-Contoured foam base double layer (with Viscool ™ on the top layer for added protection antiescaras)
Inner-sleeve lycra and polyurethane, anti-moisture
-The cover is soft and supple, with X-static ® technology and materials microclimate 3DX ™

Clinical indications:
- Users need pediatric postural comfort and support medium.
- Patients with moderate risk of developing pressure ulcers
- Patients who can make changes autonomously weight.

Width: 20-40 cm (to see size availability, see the order form)
Depth: 20-46 cm (to see size availability, see the order form)
Heightfront: 5 cm
Back height: 4.5 cm
Maximum user weight: 75 kg
Pad type: Foam cushion contoured double layer children
Type of cover: Cover is anti-microbial, and microclimate and moisture-proof inner liner


Confort y protección de la piel

Comfort and skin protection

Specially designed to suit the needs of the pediatric user. Jay Zip optimizes lateral and anteroposterior stability of the child with its contoured foam base double layer (with Viscool ™ on the top layer for added protection antiescaras). The firmness of the foam is proportional to the size of the cushion to maximize comfort of the child and the outer jacket is soft and flexible to encourage dipping hamstring increasing comfort and weight distribution.

Tecnología X-Static® : máxima protección anti-bacterias

X-Static ® Technology: maximum anti-bacterial protection

Outer sheath with silver filaments embedded in the fabric to inhibit bacterial growth. With an extra layer microclimate 3DX ™ material that provides ventilation and dissipates heat and moisture. The cover can also be machine washed and is fast drying.

Funda interior anti-humedad

Damp Inside cover

Muy easy and convenient to clean. Composition Lycra and polyurethane that creates a moisture barrier. Aquaguard ™ technology and special zipper sewn protecting liquid foam pad prolonging life and offering great resistance to incontinence.

Para niños


Jay Zip is available in a full range of sizes, with widths from 20 to 40 cms. With 2 standard shams: Damp inner sleeve and outer sleeve black anti-microbial and microclimate. Option to select external cover in pink or blue as a spare.

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