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Very light, with cover microclimate that dissipates heat and moisture

JAY Cushions
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  • Positioning

- Firm foam base, very light and breathable
- Layers of different densities (Oletex and EVA) for comfort and functionality without sacrificing stability
- Optiwell pelvic Technology: Design of the hollow anatomical pelvic anteroposterior provides lateral stability and optimum functionality for the patient
- Cortes ischial the basis for optimum immersion hamstring, stability and superior pressure distribution
- Cover 3DX microclimate for maximum heat dissipation and moisture

Clinical indications:
- Active patients requiring comfort and postural support mild / moderate with very low weight pad.
- Patients with good integrity of the skin and moderate risk of pressure ulcer development
- Patients who can make changes autonomously weight
- Patients requiring maximum heat dissipation and moisture
Width: 35-60 cm (to see size availability, see the order form)
Depth: 35-60 cm (to see size availability, see the order form)
Height front: 7 cm
Back height: 7 cm
Maximum user weight: 113 kg
Pad type: Lightweight foam baseOlotex ® with pelvic hollow, for active
Type of cover: Microclimatic 3DX

Disipa el calor y la humedad

Dissipates heat and moisture

An active life involving generation of heat and therefore the need to be "fresh". The cover microclimática3DX, base Olotex ® lightweight foam and foam with holes facilitate perspiration ultraporous helping dissipate the heat generated.

Distribución de la presión

Pressure distribution

Jay Lite combines pelvic Optiwell technology along with the 2 base ischial cuts to redirect the pressure from bony prominences of the pelvis to the lower extremities. Jay Lite Cushion combines layers of different density foam (Oletex and Eve) for comfort and stability without compromising functionality, essential in the active user.

Ligero y efectivo

Lightweight and effective

Weighing from 780 grams (40 x 40 cm), JAY LITE is one of the cushions with lighter pressure distribution market. The Jay Lite cushion meets the needs of active users

Jay Lite Standard y Posicionamiento

Jay Lite Standard and Positioning

Standard pad offers comfort, pressure distribution and reduced heat and humidity adapted to most users. In cases in which there is greater stability required model "Positioning", which also provides support and internal lateral femur.

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