Jay Cushion 2 Plus


Protection and positioning for bariatric users

Contoured cushion-Base for lateral and posterior pelvic stability.
Jay-fluid bag for added protection antiescaras
-Option foam layers of different density (instead of fluid) for users with lower risk of bedsores.
-Base and modifiable for customizations firm pad and accessories asymmetric postures.
-Resistant case series incontinence
-Option breathable cover

Clinical indications:
-Bariatric patients up to 295 kg with moderate to high risk of pressure ulcers.
-Patient with symmetrical or asymmetrical posture and moderate postural support needs.

Width: 50-66 cm (to see size availability, see the order form)
Depth: 45-55 cm (to see size availability, see the order form)
Height front: 8 cm
Back height: 8 cm
Maximum user weight: 295 kg
Pad type: Cushion with foam or Jay fluid. High protection and positioning for bariatric users
Type of cover:

Incontinence resistant cover (breathable optional)


Base firme contorneada para estabilidad pélvica

Firm contoured base to pelvic stability

Jay 2 Plus Cushion offers protection and positioning for bariatric users up to 295 Kg Its contoured foam base provides support and femoral trochanter area to increase lateral and posterior pelvic stability. Also the base has a slight slope above that opens the hip angle stimulating the patient to sit up straighter and facilitating the incorporation to standing.




Customizable a las necesidades del paciente. Relleno de fluido o espuma

Customizable to the patient's needs. Fluid or foam padding

Jay 2 Plus provides the ability to customize the base depending on the patient's needs. There are two possibilities for filling the hollow pelvic depending on the level of risk of pressure ulcers User: fluid bag option for users with Jay high risk of bedsores or option layers of different density foam for users with lower risk of sores ... And with multiple accessories to accommodate asymmetric postures.




Fluido Jay para máxima protección antiescaras

Jay Fluent for maximum protectionantiescaras

The fluid bag immersion Jay allows up to 4 cm of the ischial tuberosities and pressure redistributing antiescaras offering great protection. Immersion in the fluid bag Jay and contoured base support increased contact surface extending sitting tolerance.




Funda resistente a la incontinencia

Incontinence resistant sheath

Jay 2 Plus comes standard with rugged caseto incontinence protecting the base of moisture extending the useful life of the cushion. This case is also broad and flexible to protect the ischial area. Optional breathable cover.


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