Jay decubitus positioning Cojiín 2


Stability and positioning with high protection antiescaras


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Seat width
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-Base pelvic hollow firm optimizes lateral and anteroposterior stability
Base foam-modifiable for asymmetric positions, pad modifications and customizations.
Jay-fluid bag for immersion ischial tuberosities to 4 cms.
-Wide range of accessories for postural support.
-Breathable cover as standard option incontinence resistant cover.
-Option solid wood base to ensure firm support and prevent damage to the cushion.

Clinical indications:

-Patient with symmetrical or asymmetrical position that requires high postural support
-Patients at high risk for pressure ulcers and / or poor skin integrity
-Users with limited stability, unable to reposition or make changes regardless of weight.

Base de espuma firme con hondonada pélvica

Firm foam base with hollow pelvic

Jay 2 is a relief cushion and positioning that reduces pressure and friction in people at high risk of pressure ulcers and / or poor skin integrity. The contoured shape of the base optimizes lateral and anteroposterior stability of the user and to its composition and firm soft cushionadapts to the user by increasing the contact surface and protecting prolonged sitting.

Alta protección antiescaras

High protection antiescaras

Jay fluid bag allows immersion of the ischial tuberosities to 4 cms. Thanks to the ability of fluid displacement and large and flexible sheath reduces friction and protects the ischial area.

Funda transpirable

Case breathable

Jay 2 comes standard with breathable cover that promotes airflow protecting the wearer's skin and assuring maximum heat dissipation and moisture. Resistant sheath option incontinence.

Posicionamiento personalizado

Custom Positioning

Jay 2 has a wide range of accessories for postural support. Its changeable foam adapts to asymmetric positioning allowing modifications and customizations pad. You can also ask the user as both width and depth for optimum fit.

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