50CM cervical pillow VISCO

50CM cervical pillow VISCO

VISCO 50 50x33x11 CM

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50CM cervical pillow VISCO

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VISCO 50 50x33x11 CM


Viscoelastic pillow with cover manufactured from bamboo fiber plant *.


It is sensitive to temperature and adapts to our weight and shape. Relieves pressure and promotes proper blood circulation. Avoid tension in neck and neck, it facilitates the correct position for a good rest, providing a feeling of weightlessness.

* On the other hand, the case is comfortable bamboo helps thermoregulation (used to have the cooler, drier body, good temperature) and is even odor. It is completely biodegradable.


For those who want to prevent neck pain and improve sleep.


Wash the cover by hand or machine by suppressing the spin. Leave flat to dry. Do not iron. Do not bleach. Do not wet the viscoelastic.


Core: Viscoelastic.
Inner lining: Polyester
The cover bamboo fabric.
Closure: Zipper.
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