Rest chair

Rest chair recliner

Sillón de reposo
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Chair rest

Nursing chair with structure made of enameled steel armor Expoxi reforzada.La Interior upholstery is padded with foam high density projected.

General characteristics,
Resting by means of gas with lateral actuation controls.

Backup Splitting, hinged to facilitate axillary help patients who need it.
Adjusting the seatback to the Trendelenburg position.
Retractable and extendable leg rest.
Anatómincos and folding armrests, integral foam.
IV pole and brackets to place the drainage bag.
2 rollers 60 mm in diameter.

Product Dimensions,
Total Height 1.15cm
Width 56 cm
Overall Length with footrest folding 1.80 cm
Overall length 1.35 cm footrest
Seat to floor height 48 cm.

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