Antiescaras semicylindrical heel color waterproof

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Antiescaras semicylindrical heel color waterproof


Semicylindrical heel.

Dimensions: 23x19x9 cm. (Width x height x depth)


Made of fabric with the sanitized suapel * along tissue treatment saniluxe **

* The Sanitized hygiene function acts as a built-in deodorant: effectively prevents tissue development of bacteria that cause unpleasant odors of perspiration.

The Sanitized® formula is incorporated directly into the product during processing. It is antibacterial, antifungal, anti-mite, anti-odor and antichinches. The clothing is kept clean and fresh longer.

** Saniluxe is a revolutionary polyurethane fabric that guarantees maximum comfort and hygiene. Thanks to its thin membrane with tiny holes only let through the smallest particles, eliminates the sensation of heat, humidity and noise provided by other waterproof fabrics.

It is waterproof, anti-mite, anti-allergy Fireproof, antibacterial, antifungal, Autodesodorante.


Suitable for those who must stay in one position for a long period of time.


It fastens with Velcro.

Washable by hand or machine in cold water.


Suapel: 60% polyester / 40% acrylic.
Saniluxe- polyurethane 60% polyester / 40% polyurethane
Foam core.
Velcro closure and zipper.
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