Wristband chair - Par - Polypropylene / IRIONCLIP

Wristband chair - Par - Polypropylene / IRIONCLIP

Polypropylene / IRONCLIP

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Wristband chair - Par - Polypropylene / IRIONCLIP

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Polypropylene / IRONCLIP


Wristbands Ironclip closure, made of polypropylene.


Allow to hold one or both hands. Very easy to install (bed, table, chair).
The close button is snap-fit. Is immediately so uncontrolled opening of fasteners for the manipulation of the patient or by unauthorized persons is prevented.


The restraint to bed is used to control the movement of people who have altered the balance system or by other functional impairments are at risk of falls and injuries.


The padded belt be fastened to the patient and the ends of the belt to the bed frame / chair, always adjusting the length to obtain the desired pressure and maximum efficiency. It is important that the attachment is made firmly, but without pressing the patient. In any case, we recommend the installation and adjustment of the article by an orthopedic technician or medical personnel.

The items do not need special care. Simply brush, shaking or wipe a damp cloth. Still, we recommend periodically wash by hand or machine gentle cycle in cold water. Do not expose to direct heat sources.


100% polypropylene
Polyester Hollow Fiber.
Close Ironclip.
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