List of products by brand KYMCO HealthCare

Kwang Yang Motor Company - KYMCO
It is a brand of Taiwanese motorcycle specializing in the production of scooters, which has positioned itself at the head of the Spanish motorcycle market, supplanting the big brands on the market with a product adapted to current needs and a reasonable price.


With over 50 years of experience it has gained a great renocimiento worldwide and has become one of the most trusted brands and reference when choosing a scooter.

In 1963 KYMCO establishes a technological cooperation agreement with Japan's leading product motorcycles, HONDA, bringing a robust process of training and development in the industrial field and design has led him to collect a large number of awards starts and distinctions that have led him to become one of the largest manufacturers of relative growth in recent times.

KYMCO created in January 2008 in UK division KYMCO HEALTHCARE, currently leader in the Personal Electric Mobility in Europe, with the same policy design, manufacturing, quality and innovation that has led him to be the leader in Europe with their scooters and motorcycles.

KYMCO Healthcare offers a wide range of models ranging from small compact and transportable, high-end vehicles and long range. Quality, design and high technology are main features of these electric vehicles with high reliability and competitive prices, make both the scooter as electric wheelchairs are leaders in sales vehicles.