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Access adapted to the computer

To use a computer means having access to a world of possibilities: education, entertainment, communication, work ... The usual peripherals such as the mouse and keyboard, are sometimes an impenetrable barrier. So in Eneso we develop and distribute alternative systems of computer control.

Products like enPathia, our system to use the computer with head movements, or Encore, the USB adapter for standard push buttons. Adapted keyboards and mice, trackballs (ball mice), touch monitors, voice recognition ... Whatever the need, there is a solution that allows access to a computer easily.

Alternative communication (AAC)

Systems of alternative and augmentative communication (AAC) allow people with speech difficulties to connect with others.
Social interaction is both a necessity and a right. Whether by playing prerecorded messages or voice synthesis, with a communicator anyone can express their ideas and wishes by simply selecting an option on a board or successively pressing a switch.

Switches - Push

A switch is much more than a simple switch. It is a gateway to a wide range of accommodations.
Thanks to its standard connector, there are many devices and solutions which can be controlled via a switch. For example, many of our computer access products, such as mice and trackballs, are compatible with any switch. There are also adapters to convert a button in any desired computer peripherals.
There is a switch for every need. Do not hesitate to contact us for us to help you choose the right one.

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