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Go to the toilet with a certain independence is important and current toilets are usually too low, so many people have difficulty sitting and incorporated.
A high placed over the toilet seat provides a higher and allows more privacy in this very personal activity.
Booster seats are thus a practically essential to sit up and sit with minimal effort and security assistance. Experts believe that reducing the risk of falls in osteoporotic patients and is especially recommended for quadriplegics, people with hip prosthesis or fusion or any other degenerative process of the hip or knee pain limits mobility. They adapt to the toilet without the need for tools and in a few minutes.


WC elevators supplement existing toilet height in 5, 10 or 15 cm. To choose the most appropriate must take into account the user's height. Although the most common is the 10 cm, a tall person can specify the 15 cm and for a short person than 5 cm is sufficient.
When a toilet is used by more than one person is recommended than 10 cm. There are elevators that can be adjusted at the time of its installation in 3 heights
For those who require additional aid elevators can incorporate armrests to sit up and sit more easily. The arms are hinged to allow for a lateral transfer, for example from a wheelchair

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