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Ergonomic cushion 42x42x08 ERGOPLUS (Anatomical) Maximize

Ergonomic cushion 42x42x08 ERGOPLUS (Anatomical)

ERGOPLUS (Anatomical)

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Ergonomic cushion 42x42x08 ERGOPLUS (Anatomical)

Ergonomic cushion 42x42x08 ERGOPLUS (Anatomical)

ERGOPLUS (Anatomical)

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High density memory foam cushion with anatomic shape that fits the body shape ensuring a high comfort and welfare.


Anatomical pillow which adapts to the body shape.
Made of polyurethane fabric that guarantees maximum comfort and hygiene. Thanks to its thin membrane with tiny holes only let through the smallest particles, eliminates the sensation of heat, humidity and noise provided by other waterproof fabrics.

It is waterproof, anti-mite, anti-allergic, flame retardant, antibacterial, antifungal, AUTODESODORANTE.


Recommended for those who must permancer in the same position for a long period of time.


Ideal for wheelchairs, although it can be used on any seat.

Memory foam should not get wet or allow dry cleaning. The cover, however, does washable.


Exterior: polyurethane.
Inside: high-density memory foam.

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Ergonomic cushion 42x42x08 ERGOPLUS (Anatomical)

Ergonomic cushion 42x42x08 ERGOPLUS (Anatomical)

ERGOPLUS (Anatomical)

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