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High protection for active lifestyle

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Antiescaras Jay Active Cushion Maximize

Antiescaras Jay Active Cushion

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High protection for active lifestyle

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Antiescaras Jay Active Cushion

Antiescaras Jay Active Cushion

High protection for active lifestyle

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-Base and lightweight contoured foam wedge incorporated adductoras
Jay-fluid bag for maximum anti-bedsore.
-2 Cases: inner sleeve incontinence resistant and breathable outer cover
-Material soft, firm and shaped to fit the user

Clinical indications:
-Patients assets that need protection and positioning antiescaras high average
-Patients who require maximum protection against friction and pressure ulcers during propulsion and transfers.
Patients needing symmetric-lateral stability and mild moderate anteroposterior
-Patients weight changes can be made independently

Diseñado para usuarios activos

Designed for active users

Lightweight foam contoured composed of a material soft and stiff that adapts to the user by increasing the contact surface and protecting prolonged sitting. Ideal for active users who require high protection and positioning antiescaras medium with a low profile pad.

Máxima protección durante la propulsión y las transferencias

Maximum protectionng during propulsion and transfers

Thanks to its special Jay fluid bag, Jay cushion Active provides optimum immersion ischial tuberosities greatly reducing the friction occurring during transfers and propulsion. This ensures active users maximum protection against pressure ulcers.

Cuñas adductoras incorporadas en la base

Adductoras wedges embedded in the base

Active Jay supports thigh level and trochanters to provide lateral and posterior pelvic stability. Besides the base comes standard with built adductoras wedges for optimal positioning of the lower extremities.

Funda interior resistente a la incontinencia y funda exterior transpirable

Inside cover incontinence resistant and breathable outer cover

Active Jay is protected by two covers: inner sleeve incontinence resistant base protects against moisture and breathable cover in contact with the user.


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Antiescaras Jay Active Cushion

Antiescaras Jay Active Cushion

High protection for active lifestyle

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