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Electric wheelchair Juvo B5 / B6 OttoBock

Electric wheelchair Juvo B5 / B6 OttoBock

TheWheelchair JuvoIt is available in two types of traction.

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Electric wheelchair Juvo B5 / B6 OttoBock

TheWheelchair JuvoIt is available in two types of traction.

Advantages of rear-wheel drive: good directional stability even at higher speeds, a wide range of seating positions and the best outdoor functionality.

Advantages of the front-wheel drive: reduced turning radius, good turning functionality, ease of approaching furniture etc.

Characteristics of the Otto Bock Juvo B5 / B6 electric wheelchair:

  • Control unit Ottobock TEN ° (Otto Bock Juvo B6): Ergonomics and total comfort for the user thanks to its soft pad for the hand that will prevent premature fatigue and a rotary control system (rotation angle 10º) that will make it easier for the user to regulate speeds. In addition, a high resolution 3.5 "screen will provide a perfect view of the user interface.
  • Control unit VR2 (Otto Bock Juvo B5): Basic control unit but not less functional. Programmable to adapt to the personal needs of each user. Simple control panel, with a small keyboard, LED displays and a joystick. Cargo entry at the bottom.
  • Adjustable seat:The seat of the Otto Bock Juvo electric wheelchair fits your needs. The armrests are liftable, its padded backrest is ergonomically adjustable. It also has a wide range of footrest optionss.
  • Package option contour: With an anatomical seat base (high level of lateral stability) and molded up to the thigh it will help to relieve the hip and an integrated wedge will help to achieve optimal positioning of the pelvis.
  • Option Baxx range: Range of rigid ergonomic backrest frames that will offer the user a high level of stability, comfort and maximize the tolerance to sitting. The Baxx range allows you to choose between two different heights and three contour types to adapt to different individual needs. The upper part of the backrest of this range is padded for comfort and a series of cuts in the housings make them very light and improve their aeration.
  • Cushions for the seat:Solutions based on foams that offer an optimal distribution of pressures and reduce the risk of pressure ulcers or ulcers. Wide range of models to choose from.
  • Front anti-roll wheels:They ensure a 100% safe driving when driving downhill or braking hard. When the Otto Bock Juvo wheelchair faces a curb, these anti-tilt wheels are pulled back to maintain their power and ability to overcome obstacles.
  • Prevention of lateral tipping: The Otto Bock Juvo will automatically reduce its speed in the corners to avoid side spins. Although the parameters of cThe control units can be individually adjusted according to the preferences of each user, safety values ​​are maintained that reduce the speed automatically when the control unit detects a turn.
  • Compensation of vibrations: In cases where the user uses a chin or lip control it is very important that the input module is in a correct and perfectly aligned position. The joystick detects vibrations that cause uneven terrain and adjust the speed automatically if the user so wishes.
  • Directional stability:The gyroscope module will allow the user to drive the Otto Bock Juvo effortlessly allowing a directional stability of the chair that will avoid driving corrections and provide precise maneuverability in different terrains.
  • Optional locking of guide wheels: In other wheelchairs, when driving in reverse, the movement of the guide wheels may be undesirable, but in the Otto Bock Juvo wheelchair this movement can be blocked which will keep the guide wheels in a straight position.
  • Led magnetic illumination: Its headlights can be placed and removed easily and without tools thanks to the magnetic support for LED lighting. In addition, LED lighting can be extracted and used as a flashlight.
  • Switch and external power source:The switch is very useful for those users who must disconnect their wheelchair frequently. It is located at a point easily accessible from the front of the Juvo wheelchair to access it without problems. Optional power sources (USB and / or 12/24 V output) will allow your mobile devices to always be charged.

OttoBock Juvo

Technical specifications of the Otto Bock Juvo B5 / B6 electric wheelchair:

    Speed:6 / 7.2 / 10/14 km / h
    Battery capacity: AGM Batteries of 53Ah / 63Ah / 75Ah
    Gel batteries: 63 Ah
    Autonomy (according to ISO 7176-4): 35 km
    Control unit:VR2 or Ottobock TEN °
    Max. Load capacity: Chassis size 1: 140 kg
    Chassis size 2:160 kg
    Capacity to overcome obstacles: Front drive: 100 mm; Rear wheel drive: 65 mm, optional 100 mm
    Outstanding ability to overcome (ISO 7176-2): 10 ° / 17%
    Total width:Chassis size 1: 600 mm
    Chassis size 2:640 mm
    Seat height(without cushion, depending on the type of seat): 400-550 mm
    Seat width:340-560 mm
    Seat depth:340-500 mm
    Backup angle: 0 ° to + 30 °
    Seat tilt: up to 45 °
    Seat tilt: -3 ° / 0 ° / 3 ° / 6 °
    Back height:450/550 mm
    Armrest height:225-350 mm
    Calf length:250-540 mm
   Maximum load time: 12 hours
   Weight:from 107 kg

This Wheelchair is highly customizable, if you want to know about accessories and options please download the order forms

Order Sheet and Accessories Chair Juvo B5


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