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Breezy wheelchair 3003A


Breezy wheelchair 3003A
Backup Standard and large rear wheels

Wheelchair Breezy Home

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Fixed Wheel Chairs interior

Breezy Home is our new range of chairs fixed to inner wheels. With 4 models available depending on the selected backup type (standard or reclining) and the size of the wheels (125 mm wheel or rear wheel 24 ").

Anatomic seat and backrest as standard, detachable footrests and swivel 70º and swing back and removable armrests.

Contoured seat and folding armrests

To ensure maximum comfort, all wheelchairs of Breezy Home range come standard with anatomic back and contoured seat with toilet. Besides the armrests can be removed or folded back to facilitate transfers and access to tables.

Detachable footrests and swivel

The platforms are hinged and are removable footrests
easilyor folded out to make easier the
transfers to and from the chair.


4 models available

Breezy Home is available in Standard or endorsement Reclining backrest that can be placed in different positions between 5th and 60th to get a rest position. Also selects 125mm wheels for better maneuverability in tight spaces or rear wheels 24 "for users who autopropulsan. A model for each
need !!

Multiple options

Fixed Wheel chairs for indoor Breezy Home offers a wide range of accessories to suit every need: headrest, elevating footrest, single platform, rear wheels 24 "spoked steel support rods or dropper ...


... And with the best service

With confidence and advantages of a 100% Made in Spain: total availability of spare parts and pieces and immediate delivery.


Features Breezy Home

Seat width: 43 cm
Seat depth: 47 cm
Seat Height: 50.5 cm (53.5 cm with rear wheels 24 ")
Seat angle: 3rd
Back height: 51 cm
Overall width: 52 cm (64 cm with rear wheels 24 ")
Total height: 99 cm
Material: Steel
Back recline: 5 to 60 (models with reclining backrest)
User Weight: 125
Colors: Blue

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Breezy Chair Accessories
Elevating footrest (pair). It replaces the standard footrest
Elevating footrest (pair). It replaces the standard footrest
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